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RIB-boat, abseiling, GPS mission

A rush of adrenalin in high speed RIB-boat around the tip of Kullen from the sea-side. Purpois and seal love the waters around the lighthouse and can often be spotted from the boat. The trip is adapted to needs and weather conditions so that everyone can join in the fun!

Larger groups can be split into smaller teams and combine RIB-boat with other activities such as GPS-mission and abseiling. All activities are conducted with certified instructors and will be adapted according to the group's needs.

This is a ”walk and talk” based team-building activity. The task for the group is to locate the most beautiful and stunning spots on Kullen, all on their own.

We take pride in adapting the rappelling experience to make it an activity that everyone can participate in!
Guarantied the simplest and coolest way to experience the heights of mountain climbing!


90 minutes from Copenhagen

Suitable for:

30-70 persons

Meeting facilities:

Arilds Vingård, Rushållargården, Ransvik Havsveranda, Båthuset Mölle, Grand Hôtel Mölle


Grand Hôtel Mölle, Pensionat Strandgården, Kullagårdens Wärdshus


Padel, ocean kayak, horseback riding, bycycling, golf, cooking, winetasting


Helene Brandi +45 3051 9523

Maria Holmström +46 73 361 3154

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