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Krapperup Slott

The Gyldenstjerne family - is the name of one of the oldest and most powerful Danish-Swedish nobilities, dating back to the 16th century. Krapperup castle dates back to the 1300s and surrounded by a beautiful rhododendron and rose garden park, which is open to the public year-round. It is possible to book a guided tour of parts of the castle and park surroundings. The castle also includes an art gallery, museum, and the famous Krapperup Kaffestuga, which has Whiteguide status and offers an authentic Skåne coffee table experience.


90 minutes from Copenhagen

Suitable for:

40 persons

Meeting facilities:

40 persons


Hotellet & Co., Rusthållargården, Grand Hôtel Mölle


Rappelling, RIB-boat, GPS cave hunting, golf, ocean kayak, horseback riding, guided hikes and walks, bicycling, winetasting, swimming/snorkeling, team cooking, food in nature.


Helene Brandi +45 3051 9523

Maria Holmström +46 73 361 3154

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