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Ransvik Havsveranda

It was here, in Ransvik, in the early 1900s, that men and women met on the cliffs and dared to swim together for the first time in history - totally unheard of! Later came the cafe that has been popular for a whole century. Today, Ransvik Havsveranda stands out as a newly renovated gem with spectacular ocean views that can form the setting for a meeting with built-in storytelling and lunch. Pensionat Strandgården was also the center of the historical events back then and is an excellent place to spend the night if you want an authentic experience with storytelling, secrets, charm and unique surroundings.


90 minutes from Copenhagen

Suitable for:

10-30 persons

Number of rooms:


Meeting facilities:

Meeting facilities for 30 persons


Pensionat Strandgården, Grand Hôtel Mölle, Kullagårdens Wärdshus


RIB-båd, GPS grottevandring, cykling, vinsmagning, golf, havkajak, ridning, guidet vandring


Helene Brandi +45 3051 9523

Maria Holmström +46 73 361 3154

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