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Facts about Kullen


Kullen (in Swedish Kullaberg) is the name of the 8 kilometer long mountain rigde located 20 km north of Helsingborg, with Mölle as the most well-known summer destination.


The Nature Reserve of Kullaberg has been granted 'European Charter for Sustainable Tourism' status by the organization Europarc Federation and the Michelin Guide awards a star as well. Experience this for yourself on land, at sea, on bicycle, on horseback, in local produce, specialities and much more.

A mecca for nature lovers

Kullen is is a true mecca for nature lovers and endulgence seekers, whether you are into the action packed like rappelling and ocean kayaking, or you want to enjoy nature from horseback or a pleasant walk along the cliffs and seaside.

Some of the best hiking in Europe

172 km marked hiking path, 70 km of which can be walked around Kullen and Skåne. (SL5) The route winds around the tip of Kullen with coastal views on both sides and offers some of the most beatiful scenary in Europe. 

Best bicycle path in Europe - 'Kattegattsleden'

Named Europe's best bicycle path in 2018 - Kattegattsleden is a 390 km long close to sea-side bicycle route from Gothenburg in the north to Helsingborg in the south, divided into 8 beautiful stages.

Unique nature, never far from the city

Although one can feel at the end of the world when visiting Kullen, it is incredibly easy to get here, no matter where you come from and how to travel there; car, ferry, train, bridge, bike, bus.

1,5 hours from Copenhagen, 1 hour from Elsinore, 30 minutes from Helsingborg ...

Need transport to/from Copenhagen area or while visiting? We work with local taxi and bus service providers and can help make arrangements at very reasonable prices. 

Driving distance

​Kastrup Airport: 1:15 min (bridge)  
Central Copenhagen: 1:40 (bridge) 
Elsinore: 1:00 (ferry)
Helsingborg: 45 min.
Malmö: 1:00 (bridge)
Gothenburg: 2t:15

4 restaurants and 2 cafes with Whiteguide awards

  • Grand Hôtel Mölle 

  • Arild Strand Hotel

  • Hotel Rusthållargården

  • Holy Smoke 

  • Flickorna Lundgren

  • Krapperups Kaffestuga  

2 wineries - within cycling distance

  • Arilds Vingård

  • Kullabergs Vingård

3 beer breweries – within cycling distance

  • Höganäs Bryggeri

  • Kullens Bryggeri

  • Vikens Bryggeri 

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