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Kullen (in Swedish Kullaberg) is the name of the 8 kilometer long mountain ridge located 20 km north of Helsingborg, with the beach town of Mölle as the most well-known summer destination. The Nature Reserve of Kullaberg has been granted 'European Charter for Sustainable Tourism' status by the organization Europarc Federation and the Michelin Green Guide awards a star as well. Experience this for yourself on land, at sea, on bicycle, on horseback, in local produce, specialities and much more.


Kullen is a true mecca for nature lovers and endulgence-seekers, whether you go for the actions packed such as rappeling, ocean kayaking or horseback riding, or relaxing with wine tasting or  hiking the beatiful SL5 path with ocean views. 

Experience for yourself on land, at sea, on bicycle, horseback and in local produce how Kullen literally grows sustainability.

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