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Handelsbetingelser for Kullen Tours

Terms and Conditions for Kullen Tours

Kullen Tours offers travel services and experiences for groups and acts as a third party booking agent on behalf of local business such as hotels, restaurants and event providers. 


Bookning is done via, e-mail and/or phone. Kullen Tours will send a quote via e-mail by request from the customer. An order is binding for both parties when we send a final confirmation for the order with total price and details via emails, the terms and conditions have been read and accepted and the amount payment has been made in full.  

If you come discover a mismatch between what you ordered and what is in the confirmation, please notify Kullen Tours immediately.


Once the booking is accepted and paid, the order is considered binding, and as such cannot be altered, canceled or refunded. Should Kullen Tours, however, be onable to carry out the agreed terms, i.e no hotel availabilty, we reserve the right to cancel and refund the customer the invoiced amount. The customer in this case, will be notified no later than 72 hours after the order has been placed. 

If you wish to make changes to your bookning after payment has been made, i.e change the number and people in your group, you need to do so with the individual suppliers in the package (hotel, restaurarant etc.) The same goes for specific questions and needs regarding the booking/event - i.e conference facilities, food, hotel rooms etc. These questions should be clarified with the individual suppliers.  


When the booking is confirmed will send an order confirmation to the customer via e-mail with a link to different payment options; credit/debit. We have a billing deadline of 15 days from billing date. Please note that your bank or credit card issuer may impose a handling fee.    

We use a secure and encrypted 3D secure payment solution for our website solution (Wix) which in the future can handle the new EU payment requirements that come into effect with’Strong Customer Authentication’ (SCA), 14 September, 2019.
You can read more about our payment solution here:

Personal Data & Cookies Policy

At Kullen Tours we care about your privacy and your personal information. Our data policy is prepared in accordance with the Personal Data Act of May 25, 2018 and we controll, handle and process your personal data in accordance with applicable law at all times. When you visit, we collect information about your use of our web service. We collect and process the personal data (data that can identify you as a person) necessary to complete a transaction with us. (e-mail address, name, phone number) If you use our request form, we will also collect your name,      e-mail and possibly phone number to be able to answer your inquiry. The personal information you provided when booking: Name, telephone number, e-mail address, is used as follows:

  • Name, e-mail, possibly. phone number so that we can get in touch with you regarding your booking

  • Name, e-mail, possibly. phone number so that we can confirm your booking

  • Credit card information is used solely for carrying out payment transactions in accordance with the applicable security protocol. 

Your personal data is confidential at any time and is not disclosed to a third party under any circumstances. We do not send unsolicited emails. When you visit our site, we store cookies (small text files that allow you to store specific information on an electronic device) to improve the content on our site and to constantly give visitors a better user experience on the page. In addition, we use cookies to collect statistics and target information to the user. Cookies automatically delete themselves after a certain number of months (may vary), but are renewed after each visit. uses cookies from Google Analytics to measure website traffic. If you want to delete your cookies, please follow these instructions: 
If you want to opt out of Google Analytics cookies, you can do so here:
You can always contact us to hear more about our data policy, what information we store about you or, if you want us to delete your data. 

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