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Kullen has no less than 3 wine yards (and 3 beer breweries), all in comfortable bicycling distance (bike hiring possible) Enjoy Kullaberg from a two-wheeler perspective and get on a lovely tasting tour while enjoying the landscape. Despite its modest production Södåkra Vingård just keeps earning international recognition for its whites and rosé. From here proceed less than 5 km to the areas largest wine yard; Arilds Vingård, with its own restaurant an obvious stop for a lunch and guided tour with tasting. From here, it's an easy ride to round off at Kullabergs Vingård. Neighboring with the extremely popular BBQ louge bar Holy Smoke, this could also be a great pittstop or a final stop with lunch - afternoon drinks.


90 minutes from Copenhagen

Suitable for:

40 persons

Meeting facilities:

40 persons (Arilds Vingård, Kullabergs Vingård)


Arilds Vingård, Rusthållergården


Rappelling, RIB-boat, GPS cave hunting, golf, ocean kayak, horseback riding, guided walks, swimming/snorkeling, team cooking, food in nature


Helene Brandi +46 76 635 4099

Maria Holmström +46 73 361 3154

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